This site is here to help people earn more money by helping other people.

Maybe that sounds circular, but it goes back to Zig Ziglar’s saying, “I can get whatever I want if I help enough other people get what they want.”

I’ve been helping people improve their communication for more than five years.

For example, stories bring enormous lift to emails. My audiences have given testimonials about my storytelling (and other communications I’ve helped them with). Here are some of those testimonials from a series of live events I spoke at where most of the feedback was anonymous. Although I don’t have names for most of the respondents, I have photos of their feedback slips. Here’s the text from them so you don’t have to decipher their handwriting:

Liked the attention-getter!”
“Very creative!”
“1. Intriguing 2. Funny 3. Delightful”
“The structure was hypnotic
“Great Topic & [Dave] REALLY knew it well. I got a lot out of it & think it will help me with my future speeches. 🙂 Thx!”
“Very funny. Intriguing. Enjoyable”
“Excellent topic and message. Great reminder to all of us that we need to try new things. Good voice inflection.”
Captivating title & intro!
“Great topic – very enthiastic! I was soooo motivated by what you said! […] loved how unique it was!” “Interesting topic & I liked your analogies.”
“Good presence, dynamic. Your intro caught my attention. I thought you got to the point well.”
“Very good! Situation was one that just about anyone could relate to. Great role play & kept the audience listening. :-)”
“Very informative and entertaining. – Lisa 🙂 “
“I liked the practical application w/ Al – skit helped. Great job making it win/win! I was convinced!”

Regarding a presentation on handling angry customers:
“Good work example. Very realistic & well done.”
“Good example we can all relate to.”
“Informative and very good.”

One audience member who regularly signed her name is a 25+ year community organizer. Those years include ten years in progressive officer roles on a 501-c4 statewide board plus two years at the national level. She has been on the news and in newspapers. She has testified before the Michigan Senate. She’s spoken to an audience of 1500, and presented a Michigan Women’s Hall of Fame inductee to an audience of hundreds which included a former Governor and many other dignitaries. Here are her testimonials:

“Great job – I learned a lot. Nice job with the PowerPoint. Excellent points – Love the conclusion.”
“David: Love the diagram & discussion about passion. Great organization & logic – leading us through. Great advice. I want to hear it again!
“Great opening – nice use of suspense. Great flow as you guided us through examples. Excellent! Great close, great job.” –Alicia Perez-Banuet, Lansing, Michigan

I have also been published in the American Journal of Physics and at ShortFictionBreak.com

If you would like to:

  • Have your customers want to read your emails again and again
  • Have subject lines and intros that catch peoples’ attention
  • Help people relate to you
  • Motivate customers by what you write so they
  • Take action!

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